The Port of Montreal is playing its part at the heart of Montreal’s 375th anniversary festivities as a founding element of the city by very happily sharing with you, in photos, the Port of Montreal’s rich history and its key role in Montreal’s development.

Throughout 2017, and on a regular basis, we will share historical photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

So we invite you to dip into the past and discover Montreal from a new angle.

To launch this initiative, we decided to create an overview and share our roots. Enjoy an exclusive look at the beginning of the 20th century, when the Port of Montreal was expanding and starting to build its piers and basins.

Complete photo album here
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The Port of Montreal is intrinsic to the history of Montreal. The site where the first colonizers arrived and around which the first districts grew, the Port played a key role in the city’s development. Montreal’s 375th anniversary, an event honouring history and heritage, is the perfect time to share the images we have that tell our rich history. Because the Port has been trading with the world for a long time!

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