The Port of Montreal: Pioneer of the past, anchored in the present, charting the future

The year 2017 marks the celebration of two historic events, the 375th anniversary of the City of Montreal and the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation. Both are key anniversaries that involve the Port of Montreal, given what a historic role port activities and shipping played for Montreal and Canada alike.

In fact, well before 1840, the Port was a natural harbour and a good location for trade. This natural harbour of bygone days that became the Port is closely tied to the birth and rise of Montreal from 1642 onward. The city’s first residential areas were built around the harbour and the trading that was already developing there.

The Port was a founding component of the City and an engine for its economic and ethno-cultural development.

In 1867, 150 years ago, Montreal was Canada’s leading trade centre. The Port bustled with heavy river traffic, a vibrant merchant community and the arrival of many European immigrants who came to build new lives in America. Montreal’s port facilities are at the heart of the settlement and development of Canada’s industrial age.

Now as we celebrate Montreal’s 375th anniversary, the Port of Montreal is pleased to release a video full of images that bring Montreal’s rich port history to life. In it you will see how closely the Port of Montreal was tied to the city’s birth and growth.

Check out this video and feel free to share it!

This video is part of a current advertising campaign that also focuses on the intertwined past of the city and its port.

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